Watercolor and Latex

This 8x10 painting feels more like an exercise or a sketch. Getting warmed up for bigger projects. For reference I used a photograph from our trip to New Harmony - shot at the roofless church. Before attempting to mix a beautiful blue in acrylic, I remembered this "cloudless" Behr paint left over from Maya's room. If I could paint in latex paint, then perhaps when I'm in search of the perfect color or color scheme I could just go pick out my swatches and then have them mix up those little test jars for a couple of bucks. I'm thinking of painting this large on 2 canvases for my bedroom walls.

Maya made this fabulous banana cake from scratch, Ellie helped decorate it with some candy found in the pantry and my sister Maureen had a lovely dinner for me with the whole big family to celebrate my 41st birthday today. Yes 41. (In case you couldn't make out those candles.) I got another great message on my answering machine sung from the land of cheese. I still haven't deleted my birthday wishes from last year. I should just record that onto some other sort of media for a keepsake.


APRiL said...

hope you had a great birthday, that cake looks delish!!

'becca said...

happy birthday, patti!