Deluxe Accommodations

Here is Ellie's little house for little critters that I finished this summer. I wasn't going to post until I sewed the family and that happened today.

I experimented with the design of the house. Instead of the front side folding down - two halves pivot open. When I completed this I told the girls I wanted to be a doll house architect. Maya said, "You ARE a dollhouse architect."

Plenty of room for company.

Ellie found a floor that I had sewn completely, then had to toss aside because it wasn't the proper size for nesting one on top of the other. It was her idea to arrange it like so to create 3 rooms.

And for now, my fascination with creating hand-made toys has been satisfied. Although, Maya has been playing with these today and expressed that she has changed her mind and would also like a house of her own. She will probably have to wait until next spring as I have told Ellie she will have to wait for painted bedroom furniture until next spring. I am ready to paint. I am ready to paint paintings, that is - not closets, walls or furniture.

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'becca said...

yes! i love the mechanics on this one! the nesting floors look like they work very well. and i love the floor material. :)