Jacko's Demise

The following images are not for the faint-of-heart. Discretion is advised for sensitive blog-readers. If you want to have a Happy Halloween, you may not want to read further.

Jacko did not live to see Halloween. I feel foolish for having brought him in the house because I loved him so much. Comparable to inviting a snowman in for a cup of hot chocolate. Last Saturday was 'becca's Pumpkin Slaughter Party. I brought Jacko home and put him on the buffet. Illuminated periodically with a candle, the next couple of days he was looking just fine. With time he started to show some signs of mild dehydration. His ears were slightly shriveled. On Thursday night Maya noted that he did not look well. I assured her that he was fine and picked up the lid. He was not fine. Inside was a hairy mold that grew inches long overnight! I wish I could have filmed his demise with time-lapse photography. The first photo was taken Thursday night after I carefully transferred him to the front porch. The second photo was taken Friday morning, and the third, today - Halloween.

I have never carved a pumpkin before October 30. And I can't say my pumpkins ever looked like this a week after Halloween. My advice to anyone who carves one week before Halloween: do not bring your pumpkin inside the house! I have not heard of anyone else's pumpkins from the party contracting this disease.

Sad, but creepy, this does make for a fitting Halloween decoration. I'm thinking next year I may purposely repeat the process. Maybe carve a small pumpkin and put it in a large jar like an experiment of some mad scientist.

Also, next year I want to make shrunken heads out of apples with the girls. A few years ago 'becca and I were talking about shrunken heads at work. I said, "Oh yeah! Remember carving shrunken heads out of apples?!" She did not know what I was talking about. With the help of a little internet research, 'becca has enjoyed shrunken heads ever since.

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Mary Ann said...

OH, poor Jacko. But you know of course, if you try to recreate it next year, the new Jacko will remain pristine and gorgeous. It's just how it is, like a Halloween version of Murphy's Law (Jacko's Law?). Teh Pumpkin Slaughter bash sounds like it was a hoot.