It's time!

I thought about posting everyday in September, but didn't. I thought about posting everyday in October, but didn't. November is National Blog Posting Month. nablopomo. Sounds like a good time to make the commitment. 'becca invited me and some other friends (some people I know, some I do not) to participate in a group effort. A total of 10 people will each submit 3 topics. It could be anything: a word, a phrase, a paragraph long story problem. 'becca will gather the 30 topics and pick one out of a hat each day. All 10 participants will express their view on the topic. As 'becca says "seeing 10 different takes on a common subject will, undoubtedly, be fabulous." I plan to implement my "All Art - No Words" experiment at this time. I may not even title the post with the topic of the day. No words. Of course, I may not have much time to fuss over a piece of artwork. It could be quite minimal. A color. A line. A shape. I may sit down with the topic and wander far from it. It's a starting point. My intention is to post a little piece of art. Everyday. Happy nablopomo!

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studiovirgo said...

If you want to keep up the momentum, I highly recommend Illustration Friday: http://www.illustrationfriday.com/
Penelope, the gal that runs it, lived in Indianapolis back when I did...