Pumpkin Love

Since Saturday I have...
~ Taken the girls down to the park for the best kept neighborhood tradition of pumpkin painting – sponsored by the garden club. ~ Gone to the Farmer's Market to buy pumpkins for carving. I was just about the last customer on the very last day at the end of the season. 3 pumpkins. One for me. One for Maya. One for Ellie. ~ Indulged in a pumpkin latte at Starbucks. ~ Baked mini-pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing. ~ Walked 7 blocks to 'becca's house carrying a 20 lb. pumpkin on my back and a 9x13 glass dish filled with mini-pumpkin cupcakes. (Got a ride home from April) ~ Carved my pumpkin at the Pumpkin Slaughter party. Great Fun! Pictured above. I named him Jacko. ~ Stopped by Butterfingers for an after-school-before-basketball snack. 2 iced butter cookies in the shape of pumpkins for the girls and a pumpkin cheesecake bar for me. I never even used to like pumpkin. I guess it's an acquired taste. And I've acquired it.

Also, I finished Ellie's poodle skirt this evening. I did not feel like fighting the sewing machine so I sewed it completely by hand. Cutting out the skirt and putting the waistband on took only about 45 minutes. The hem, the poodle and the leash took another 3 evenings. Luckily Maya loves the orange crayon costume so much that she is going to wear it again.

And! I decorated the Girl Scout Christmas tree at the Visitor's Bureau. But, I forgot my camera and cannot post a photo until the exhibit opens.

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'becca said...

now about the photo of jacko molding ... when do we get to see that? :)