Blogtoberfest... not.

This is me not blogging every day in October. I thought maybe I was ready for the challenge. I stumbled upon "Blogtoberfest" on the second of the month. By the fourth, I had lost my focus. While I still wonder why I try to blog at all, I find that it does make me conscious of where I put my energy (and don't put my energy).

Interestingly enough, before going to bed, Maya and I had a conversation about blogging and web design. I told her I should just give up blogging, learn web design, make art, and design a website for my art.

Her response: You're a graphic designer and you don't know web design?!

Me: I became a graphic designer before the internet was invented. [not really before the invention, but before it was widely used and before designers were called upon to make it look snazzy]

Maya: Man, you're old. And now you can't learn web design because you are too old?!

Me: No. I haven't learned web design because I spend my time going to 6th grade girls' basketball games and Girl Scout meetings. (The better part of my day today) So maybe I should just stop doing all your stuff with you and do my own thing?

Maya: Goodnight.

Me: Goodnight.


'becca said...

lol. that is fabulous!

Lou Who said...

love it, Patti ;)