Three weeks of growth.

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I wanted to sew today, but once I got outside I couldn't stop gardening. Weeding and hoeing lasted about 2 hours, then I did some laundry and tidying of the house. Compare this photo montage with the patio 3 weeks ago. There are lots of lily buds out there, I'll have to shoot it again in another week or two.

I have a big long list of fun creative projects for the summer, but I do want to get back to painting. I've always wanted to paper mache with the girls... and make mobiles... and make doll houses out of cardboard boxes, sew dolls and doll clothes, and plant a fairy garden. Last summer I was going to teach Maya how to use the sewing machine, but haven't yet. I'm also going to try, once more, to carry a sketch book with me wherever I go and paint outside more often. Also, many friends have been saving their plastic grocery bags for me to crochet. This week ends the T-ball season and next week I will be on vacation. yay.

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leslie said...

oh my gosh, i have the same list, how funny. i want to paper mache and teach my kids (i have made cardboard dollhouses, but want to do a paper mache one)...mobiles are on my list too. i am also struggling to get back in to running after a 5 year hiatus (i ran a marathon between the birth of my two girls)... hmmm what else? the drawing and sketching and gardening...we have a lot in common! strange! have fun on your vacation!