Into the woods and quickly back out again. I packed up my gear and headed out to paint at a nature preserve. I walked into the woods, but the mosquitoes swarmed me worse than I have ever experienced in my life. I got back in the car and went to another nearby nature preserve hoping I may find a better situation. It was just as bad there. To avoid the mosquitoes, I had to stay in the sun to paint this small abstraction. I could only last about an hour. The sun was hot. My paint was drying out quicker than I could use it. I should have used watercolor rather than acrylic. I may use this as a sketch to abstract further. The peace and quiet was so enjoyable after the 6 girl slumber party. The kids settled down pretty well around 11 pm, but woke me up around 5:30 am when they started giggling, screaming, and carrying on again.


Vickie said...

The painting looks very spontaneous. It's very nice. I don't think anyone would guess it was a trial to do.

Patrick said...

Patty Tobin Davis you are the hardest working artist I know! It's great to see that after that month-long marathon you're still steadily producing. I plan to make it up to your show one of these days, hopefully before all the mandalas have been sold. I'd especially like that blue one that I saw develop from a round splattering of color into a jewel studded flower surrounded by a pretty blue glass necklace and then scarabs strung together by a braid of purple yarn. But it’s that blue splattering of color, like a birthmark, that makes it less than perfect, and so real.

Sam Edwards said...

I really love your painting - can't believe you did battling against mozzers and the sun! How did you get the lace effect of the light under the trees?