Plastic Skein

I'm getting ready to start a new plastic bag bag. I'm determined with this next one to answer the two big questions accurately. "How many grocery bags does that take?" and "How long does it take you to make one?" So far... 25 plastic bags prepped = almost 90 minutes.  I thought I could prep 75 bags in this amount of time. I should be painting. I think I'd rather be painting. But, I thought I'd crochet in the car on our little trip to Wisconsin.

Exercise log: on the 17th I wrote that I would strive to run my 3 miles in less than 31:30. Well, a whole week passed without another run, but yesterday... 3 miles in 30:24 and today 30:14. Yay.

Thank you for comments on my blog. I really do appreciate all of them. To answer the question "How did you get the lace effect of the light under the trees?" This painting began like most of my nature paintings. I paint total darkness, then paint the "negative space" over it. The little bits of light are dappled on top of a dark background.


'becca said...

went to Best Buy tonight ... saw that they currently have the most amazing blue plastic bags ... immediately thought of you. i suppose, in reality, they're about the same color as the polybags we deliver the paper in. maybe they were seemed so spectacular because i was expecting yellow bags at Best Buy ...

either way - happy crocheting!

Vickie said...

I also crochet on long road trips. I make hot pads. I take my sketchbook and color pencils in the car too, but crocheting works better on the bumpy roads. Have a nice trip.