Indiana Dunes

I painted this on location 11 months ago today.

Today, I took my girl scouts to the lake and hiking near this spot. We stopped to look at some stones in a small creek. Spotted a frog and then 5 more. Saw two robin's eggs on the trail. On the way back I pointed out that the very tiny undeveloped baby robin was on the ground near the egg. We enjoyed two whole minutes of silence... on the first try... with no interuptions. Spotted many butterflies and many more daddy-longlegs. Searched for different shaped leaves and sketched them. Made sand sculptures of fish found in Lake Michigan. Had a picnic lunch. And, the girls earned the "Junior Ranger Badge".

Maybe I can "make the world a better place" but first I need to stop complaining that girl scouting is a huge waste of my time. It was all very worthwhile.


leslie said...

oh man! i am the leader of my oldest daughters camp fire group, i will be starting another for my younger daughter in about a year. (i started my own blog to document the process) boy have i learned A LOT about being a leader and getting organized (and dealing with parents and kids) i would say after two years i almost have it down! love your blog, i am new to it!

Michael Rigg said...

Very cool, Patti. And I'm glad that you recognize the humble beauty surrounding us all. I know I do - and it's only because YOU remind ME of it fairly regularly. - peace!