Catching Up

A slow run is better than no run at all. Today I walked the last few blocks after running for 32 minutes. Yesterday I planned an 18 mile bike ride (great cross-training) but once I started gardening, I could not stop. My legs are more sore from 4-5 hours of pulling weeds and mulching than they would have been after 18 miles on a bike. Mentally, last week, I was pumped when I ran. I was facing a week of vacation. Today I am facing more hours at the office than usual and 2 family holiday picnics on Thursday and Friday. I was sort of having second thoughts on the 5k race.

I've been trying to get a decent shot of momma wren who has built her nest in the birdhouse the girls painted for me last Mother's Day. Wikipedia will tell you that wrens are feisty and pugnacious and I could verify, as she yells at me everyday when I go out on the patio. While gardening, I had to get so close to the house that I peeked at the babies. I guess momma ain't so aggressive because she did not show her face. I thought she might try to attack me.

Five hours so far on this bag. It's moving along quickly because I'm using a larger hook, but it might need a lining when I'm through.

Most of the crocheting was in the car on the way to Wisconsin. Thursday we went up to visit family in Ripon and Todd Rundgren in Oshkosh. Rhonda and I share the same enthusiasm and patiently waited through the opening act, then got cozy right up front at the stage. I was close enough to take pictures like these, but Todd looked way better than that. I wish I had a camera. If you think you don't know Todd, I'm sure you do. You know this song. He has had a very long career with an eclectic variety of music. Most people only know "Hello It's Me" and "Bang on the Drums" which I don't usually mention, because that is my least favorite.

Had lots of fun with my nieces. We were reminded, as we always are when we see them, how much easier our lives are now we are out of the toddler years, but also shared in the joy of seeing the world through the eyes of a four year old and a two year old.

Came back on Friday night, because I had my Women's Circle planned for Saturday. I presented an evening of painting as a form of self discovery and insight. It was very well received by my friends who have had few artistic experiences. It was actually a practice-run for a workshop I will be conducting on July 13th.

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