Act Fast

I tend to have many creative ideas that I do not act upon. For years I was fine with that - letting ideas fizzle and fade away. I am no longer fine with that. I am happy creating and unhappy not creating. Simple as that. So when painting feels too daunting or serious, I've decided to have fun with felt and embroidery and mini little bits of cuteness.

I imagined when I started working part-time that I would spend hours everyday making things like this. You know, while toddlers sat quietly on the floor and stacked blocks for hours? Yeah. That never happened. So now my little girls have almost outgrown this sort of thing and I am trying to catch up with that old idea before it completely fades. It is because they are bigger that I can find the time to do it. They are growing so fast that Ellie is turning into an entrepreneur and my production manager. Our plan is to someday sell at a local craft fair. She has been very busy making her button rings and when she finds me browsing on Etsy, she says "Mom, stop looking at art and start making some art." She started out much more productive than me and told me I had lots of work to do. I'm getting there.

[Flowers for barrettes and hair clips.]

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Laura said...

Read your blog today! I just love your crafts. I miss you and would love to eat some of the fruit in your garden. It looks wonderful! I am so missing my garden. We stopped and looked at some flowers today but I am not sure I can grow any veggies as it is too late in the season. For tomatoes I think you need a green house too!
Miss you! If you choose to come out here - come on the summer!