That's Not Broccoli

I thought I planted 8 broccoli plants. Eight plants growing in a row looking very much the same all this time. I believe they were marked "broccoli" at the farm. Or maybe one 4 pk. was and the other nearby looked the same? Yesterday I noticed, tucked down in the very large leaves, broccoli starting to peek out. I went down the row to check the health of each plant. No broccoli on 4 of the 8. Hey! That's not broccoli, it's kohlrabi. I'm glad I like kohlrabi. Only a few short years ago did I learn what it was. Imagine my confusion if I hadn't.

The celery is coming along quite nicely. It occurred to me that I will probably need to give away some celery. I am the only one in the family who eats it and I cannot eat 4 heads myself. Who knows? Maybe the excitement of growing it will inspire kids to eat it?

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Kathy said...

I never tasted kohlrabi but yours looks delicious. I'll also help you eat some celery!