Peppers and Flowers

I had questioned the labeling of broccoli and kohlrabi. There is a chance I was mistaken on that one, but the four pepper plants I bought most certainly said "sweet bell." Don't know why this plant never grew any bigger? It did grow a pepper, which looks like some sort of Hungarian banana pepper. I watched it each day. Then, yesterday it was gone. I can't imagine a raccoon or any other critter wanting to eat a pepper? I guess that critter changed his mind because I located my one pepper in the yard about 15 feet from the plant, slightly nibbled, but pretty much intact.

Today I stopped at a greenhouse for some end-of-the-season bargains. I got some great deals plus a FREE flat of vegetable plants! All they had left was peppers. That was fine with me. It is a little late to be getting them in the ground, but the hot pepper plants in their small containers have already grown enough for the pickin'. And, I could verify that the sweet bells are, in fact what they say they are.

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