Hand Carved Stamps

Today is the first day of a week of vacation. It is oppressively hot out and even though I've spent pretty much the entire day in air conditioning – I feel lethargic and lazy. The longer I moped around, the more difficult it was to begin anything. I couldn't let a day pass without having something to show for it. So at 9pm I whipped out my first attempt at little eraser hand carved stamps. I didn't plan anything. I just did quick doodles right on the eraser and had the first one carved in about 1 minute. I knew when I did get around to making one, it wouldn't be about an independent single object, but a piece of something bigger like non-repeating patterns.


Susan said...

Hi, they look great. I like the way you used them. I find making stamps very satisfying (is this the right way to write it??).
Hope you have a lot of fun drawing, making and using them.

Anonymous said...

Oh Patti, I love this! this is from stamps you carved? looks like a lot of fun and of course what you have created is wonderful.