I'm Not Complaining

I'm not complaining, but Good Lord, how much more can I take? I guess it does sound like I am complaining because when I saw friends at the ball park today and they asked me "How are you?" my response is "Pretty horrible." After my twisted ankle felt good enough to run on, I ended up with a back ache. When I returned from the chiropractor on Wednesday feeling better, I started sneezing. Today I went to urgent care because this feels like so much more than your typical chest cold. I've had bronchitis that felt better than this. But, the doctor said my lungs sound good, so just rest and liquids. Maybe, I do just need to slow down and learn how to relax? I find it very difficult to let things go, but apparently I am learning. Because the house is a wreck and I am falling far behind on laundry. Doesn't really make me feel any better.

... but this does. I settled in and watched a movie with the girls. We had not seen the first Kung Fu Panda. I came away from it with this wisdom. "There is no secret ingredient. To make something special you just have to believe it's special."

On a similar subject, today Ellie discovered the joy of making button rings. She bought a little book and whipped one right up (then another.) And that inspired me to lug out the various large tins of buttons and start sorting them by colors as I have thought of doing for years. I figure it might slow me down to just sit and sort.

Note to self: Relax. Let go. Make something special.

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