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Anyone who has been within earshot of me knows that "I am at the ball park four nights a week." I have realized that this does not mean I am overly busy and constantly running. Sitting at the park watching a ball game can be quite relaxing. (if it's warmer than 45˚ - brrr) Maintaining my creativity is challenging while I don't seem to have much time at home. But, over the weekend I freely sketched a variety of leaves on a large sheet of watercolor paper. Day after day, I find myself sneaking into the studio - even if just for a few minutes at a time - to put some paint down. Not finished yet, but progress.

While driving to the chiropractor today I thought to myself "where have I found the time for this?" Probably six hours a week, driving, sitting, and treatments. I am finally at the point of a breakthrough as I casually mentioned today that I should have told her from the get-go that I have severe foot pain every morning when I get out of bed. The first few steps are very difficult. And then, my feet loosen up and in a very short time I completely forget about it. Diagnosis: plantar fasciitis. This surprised me because every time I have heard about plantar fasciitis it has been long distant runners and specifically - heel pain. But, it's not just about running (perhaps playing "Just Dance" with the Wii in barefeet?) And it is not just about heel pain. The whole bottom of my feet hurt: arch, ball and toes. I'm throwing this out there to other people that might not realize an ounce of treatment could be worth a pound of avoided complications.

On one more separate note...I don't know which of my friends, who sat around the campfire here on Saturday night, brought the bottle of Merlot? Thank you. I am currently enjoying a glass of it. : )

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melissawashburn said...

Ooh, I like this. Very subtle color shifts instead of the stark contrasts I'm used to in your work. It's really working!