At work last week we had another silent auction and bake sale for fellow co-workers. A mother and daughter who both work at the paper suffered a terrible house fire. We have had several fundraisers for similar situations in the past. The last couple times I brought mandalas, but I don't think anyone bid on them except 'becca - and she is no longer working there. I was reluctant to donate art if no one was interested. So I dug through my flat files and matted some of my Illustration Friday illos. Lately I feel I have been giving away quite a lot of work, as if I can't sell any, but there was interest in these pieces. All sold except for the boot. I'll miss that little flower girl, but she was just tucked away in a drawer for 2 years. More people seemed to have like the cup of coffee which is so so simple. I dream of this simplicity, but then go and make things more complicated. This makes me want to get back to participating in Illustration Friday.

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