Lots Happening.

Spring Blossoms, Acrylic 20x20

I tend to blog about nothing when not much is happening. Then, when there is a lot going on – no time for blogging. This year is off to an exciting start. The opening of my show at South Shore Arts went well last Friday. I can't thank Melissa and Darlene enough for what they've done! I'm most excited about getting friends and family to a gallery reception who wouldn't typically find themselves in that situation. One of my visions is to make art more accessible. I guess I am doing that on a very local level.

Last night, my friend Ish picked up some of my work for a show he is putting together in conjunction with a benefit for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana. I feel honored to be included in this show with 3 other amazing artists: Ish, James Jankowiak, and Tom Torloumke. It will be the first time I stick my big toe into Chicago. Maybe this will lead to getting my feet wet?

In addition to that, since January, I completed the sketchbook project and received 1 notification so far that someone has viewed my sketchbook (while it was in Brooklyn). I guess this means I have made it to NY as well?

I donated a painting to a silent auction to benefit the school where my cousin Barbara teaches. The auction coordinator was so excited about my work, she bought a painting from me. (Thanks, Liz).

I am awaiting a trade with another amazing artist who approached me when he decided his wall needed more than one of my paintings. I may name Eric Tucker as my first collector.

The painting in this post is one I started about a year ago, then set aside. I finished it this weekend to put in my upcoming show. My first paintings of trees and branches were grey and dormant. In Spring Blossoms, the tree is morphing, bursting and vibrant. Both periods of the natural cycles are necessary and appreciated.


Annie said...


Congrats and good luck on all of your shows!

APRiL said...

i love the more vibrant colors. it seem like a natural integration!