Small Window of Time

Today, despite the fact that we are not yet experiencing spring weather on spring break - the girls and I took the train to the city to do a little of our favorite shopping. Ellie had lots of Christmas money that she has been saving for American Girl Place and the Lego Store. While she opted out of buying anything at American Girl, she wanted to find out if the hospital there would fix a cat's tail. The answer is "no, dolls only." Every time we go I say "I should work for American Girl," because, heck, wouldn't it be fun to design little play sets for dolls or crafty things for girls to do? I wondered today if it would feel like work as play or if play would feel like work? This small window of time was relished as I realized the girls are big enough to walk from the train down that Magnificent Mile (without whining), but they are getting so big that they will not be interested in American Girl much longer. We met with my friend Steve, who we delivered Girl Scout cookies to (the last of the 227 boxes!). He mentioned that they will soon be interested in other shopping sprees as he was happy to show them shoes that cost over $1,000/pr. Yeah, we won't be doing our shoe shopping on the Magnificent Mile.

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Lou Who said...

You were just around the block from my office! I would have cracked up if we had run into each other. We have a knack for doing that ;) Hope all is well with you.