How did I get here?

Inspiration without discipline.
Lately I have been very inspired to begin a new body of work. This is not it. I have very different ideas than this, but when I showed up in my studio I felt too lazy to follow through. I can't explain it.


melissawashburn said...

Don't make the mistake of calling yourself lazy (I do it all the time too). I don't think any of us (that I know) is lazy, it's just that sometimes all our time, focus, and intention has gone into one of the 10,000 other things we're responsible for. You'll find your way back to where it was you wanted to go!!!

Patti said...

Thanks Melissa. I guess this goes along with "play" time in the studio. At least I showed up and picked up a brush.

John said...

Definition of lazy - the act of resting before you're tired. I am a firm believer.

Anonymous said...

Patti, I LOVE the top painting! You'll have to teach me how to paint like that! I bet if you look hard enough you'll find an angel in there somewhere! Now, THAT's inspirational!