On My Desk

Halloween has passed, so must we immediately immerse ourselves in Christmas? I must. This is the beginning of a big tree decorating project that - while I am completely overwhelmed by over extending myself - I am thrilled to be doing something inventive, creative and yet quite repetitive. Look for the final result around Thanksgiving. I may be going over the top a bit, but it's one of those ideas that I just want to see executed. I've had a much longed for surge of energy with the thought of what I might be capable of creating.

Still toying with the idea of participating in NaBloPoMo [National Blog Posting Month], but I did already miss the first day.

If I did find the time to post, I was going to show you this...

Yesterday, on November 1st I officially picked the last of the harvest. The garden has been neglected for over a month now. Every once in a while, curiosity would lead me to the back of the privacy fence to see if anything was still alive. Just the occasional green chile pepper. I had completely given up, but while the kids were out there playing, they shouted "Izzy found a great big cucumber." It was a little bitter, but I had to eat it. November 1st! I added lots of salt and a little sour cream.

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