O Christmas Tree

Remember this post from November 2?
Even though I am completely overwhelmed by trying to manage two Girl Scout troops, I volunteered to take on this project. I organized a Girl Scout event in our Service Unit (two neighboring towns) to decorate a Christmas Tree at the Lake County Visitors Bureau - Indiana Welcome Center. As an artist I dislike the typical, buy-in-bulk craft foam kits that most people use because they are "craftfuly challenged" (not my words). The overuse of them is what inspired me to step up and say I think this is my area of expertise.

All decorations are made with recycled Christmas cards (and a little bit of ribbon). The ornaments are an old fashioned project I made as a kid. My brownie troop loved making them 2 years ago. I invented the garland using fun, fun craft paper punches. The stars are glued back to back and the scalloped circles and flowers are threaded on to the ribbon.

I had a great turn out of almost 50 people and everyone loved the projects. I let them know that it's not just about recycling - to me there is magic in making something out of nothing. We will decorate a whole Christmas tree with about $6 of ribbon and a little glue.

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'becca said...

i think i'm gonna nab april & swing through the visitor's bureau to see your tree at lunch one day. i love the projects.