Don't Give Up

Another little sketch from a year and a half ago. This is from my outdoor landscape painting class. I'm digging up old work in the effort to renew my interest in painting. Now I know how Tom feels when I tell him I am not painting or that I'm just going to put it off a little longer. Today Mike said he's thinking about quiting writing. "What!?" I said. "You can't" Don't give up Mike and I won't either.

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Michael Rigg said...

Honestly, Patti, I don't think I COULD give up even if I was forced to at gunpoint. There are just some things in life, blessings I call them, that rush through your veins and catch and snag at your nervous system like some kind of barbed virus molecule. For you it's all things artistic. For me it's the written word.

I'm proud to say I didn't quit. My novel, LIFE IN HEAVEN, is really picking up steam! At the 1/3 point I'm over 1,600 words ahead in Nano Wrimo.

Tell your friends, who like a good story, to stop by LifeInHeaven.wordpress.com.

Thanks for keeping up with your work. It's beautiful! And thanks for the pep talk!

PS - I love this piece almost as much as "Simplify."