Little bits of happiness

Someday soon I will muster up enough courage to step into the unknown, but for now this [The Place In Between] describes very much how I feel. Some people near me think that I am unhappy. I am not. I am just afraid of briefly having nothing to hold on to. I supposed I could then say that I am afraid of nothing.

For now, here are a few of life's little pleasures that bring me joy.

Flowers can always make me happy. While we were out today doing a little Saturday running around, we picked up a few little flowers to spruce up the fairy garden. The girls each picked out a flower to call their very own - to love and care for. The first of many spring flowers!

Shortly after we arrived back home, Ellie busted 'becca trying to anonymously leave a May Day floral door basket. I think I would have eventually figured it out, as 'becca appreciates design*sponge as much as I do. I remember the DIY tutorial from a few days ago. Isn't it wonderful? Such a lovely gift that I will someday pay forward. Thanks 'becca, it made my day.

I finally bought the brown mary jane crocs that I have beeen deliberating over for a couple of years. (yes, years... that is crazy). I wasn't sure if I would like them. I have not taken them off since the moment I bought them (about 10 hours ago) and don't know if I ever will. I love them!

I think the 100 tulip bulbs produced more than 100 flowers! And, I could call this a before picture for the first of many home improvement projects. In a few short weeks I will have all new windows. When the window guy came for an estimate, Darrin explained that I would like to use the sunroom as an art studio. After measuring and describing the project, half the time the guy said "sunroom" and half the time he looked at me and said "your studio." That sounds really nice. : )


'becca said...

i figured there was very little chance i got the flowers hung without someone seeing me. i thought i heard one of the girls saying my name as i walked away. and, well, there was the fact that i waved to darrin as i got back in my car. :) glad you liked the flowers though! happy may!

Melanie said...

That 'becca sure is something! I am gonna miss her!