Gratitude and Proximity

It is exactly 2 miles from my house to the hospital and my Mom's house is on the way. It is less than 2 miles from my house to my sister's house. She is recovering well from surgery. My Dad is off the respirator, will be moved from ICU, skip Intermediate Care and will be in a "regular" private hospital room tomorrow with physical and occupational therapy. Everyone I have dealt with at the hospital has been very attentive, compassionate, and helpful. I scheduled paid time off last week and asked for this week off without pay. The office is fine with that. I have had many offers from friends to help out with anything I need (such as babysitting). I am healthy. My daughters are healthy. My husband is healthy AND fabulous (He cleaned the house this weekend and did ALL the laundry). Did I mention he does ALL the grocery shopping?

I am still amazed at how my mind has let go of all I used to think I wanted to do, or had to do, or should do. Tomorrow begins day 7 of visiting the hospital all day and night. The world seems to stop for hospital visits.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that both your dad and Maureen are doing better! I wish I lived closer in proximity to help in some way! (though it seems that everything is under control AND in perfect Divine order!)