Precious Moments

I took my time getting to the hospital this morning. I was exhausted and wanted to rest a little while the nurses at the hospital were still caring for Dad. Shortly after I got to his room at 11, Hospice called to say they were ready to deliver the bed to my parent's house. By 3:00pm he was all settled in. I sat as long as I could, but I haven't seen my own family in so long. I wanted to get home. Two sisters stayed with my Mom. I came home to my family to see the girls before bedtime. Darrin and Maya ran out shopping. I was left with Ellie. I apologized for not being around much lately. I tried to explain why. We cried and hugged. I let her know that we shouldn't be too sad because Grandpa has had such a long wonderful life. Some people leave this world too soon, before they have lived a full life. But we are blessed. We wiped our tears and went hunting for the first few strawberries in the garden. After that she walked around the whole yard with me to look at how beautifully everything is growing. We both felt a lot better and I think of how my Father has has inspired my love of gardening.

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