I spent fifteen hours at the hospital with my sister yesterday. I took two books that I have been meaning to read and a sketchbook, but didn't spend one minute on reading or sketching. I spent much of my time working on this tiny little (2") cross-stitch sampler. Counted cross-stitch could not be any more structured, planned and organized and I loved that about it. Here is my first attempt at this craft. As the day grew longer, you would think the process would get easier. The blue section was the last I did, and I could not figure out how to do it correctly. The colors and counting are all wrong. But, it doesn't matter. I was calm, sitting quietly with my hands creating. I will probably not do counted cross-stitch again, as I do not need to be quite that planned and organized. I'd rather be original. Yesterday it was the perfect little distraction to get me through the day. Today I embrace its imperfection as I know there are much more important issues to focus on and that you can't plan everything.


Patrick said...

Knowing both of your sisters and one in particular who I care for very much reading that you spent 15 hours at the hospital with one of your sisters has me worried and feeling sad beyond words. Acceptance is so hard. It’s hard to know what we should accept and what we should work at to make right.


'becca said...

perfect project for a waiting room!