Happy Birthday Grace!

Don't peek if you haven't gotten your brown paper package in the mail yet. I was going to say "don't peek if it's your birthday," but that would include Barrack Obama and Auntie Rhonda. I see Rhonda got her package. And I'm sorry Barrack, but I didn't get you anything. I didn't know Obama had the same birthday as Grace and Rhonda until today! Happy Birthday to all of you!

Due to the size and the shape of the packages, Rhonda's only cost 5¢ more to send Priority rather than First Class. I had to do it, but I should have paid the extra to ship Gracie's as well? What was I thinking? I hope you enjoy it!

The first house I made (for Maddie) out of cardboard and craft paper, I thought, was too delicate to play with. But, I heard she does play with it. That makes me happy. So, here is my second attempt. I sewed fabric over cardboard and I think it can be handled by a 5 year old. Oops! I mean SIX YEAR OLD! I would actually be curious to see how well these will hold up. My next model will be stronger cardboard and a slightly modified design. I need to get working on that soon. Eleanor is patiently waiting. I had so much fun sewing this - I could become obsessed with cute little toy houses.


Abigail said...

That is SO DARN CUTE! Now that is one stellar birthday gift.

Heather said...

Somewhere deep in my memory I feel like I played with something like this as a little girl. Only, it seems like it was probably stuffed, not cardboard.

Lovely idea.

❤Yisin said...

this is so adorable and cute!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^
so sweet of you making this for the kid :)