Caution - Illustration Friday

I did this very quick sketch today and thought I might do a more refined drawing when I realized, wow! it's Thursday already! So if I wanted to post it, I had to just throw some color on it and call it done. I prefer when illustrations do not need explanation, but I'm afraid this one might. Influenced by my experiences as a scout leader, I can say it's not usually necessary to tell young scouts that a fire is very hot. It is quite necessary to remind them frequently to watch where they are waving the long pointy stick that their marshmallow is on. Use caution when giving long skewers to small children. The quick drawing and loose watercolor does not bother me so much. I'm glad I threw something together. However, the drawing does not communicate that the girl on the right is being poked with a sharp skewer. (It just looks like a tangent.) I just realized a better way to draw that would be with her back arched, her hips moved forward and a surprised look on her face. When I showed the drawing to Maya, her reaction was, "I don't like angry people."

Ya know... something more like this... Yowza! If you didn't recognize it, the girl on the left is holding her graham cracker and chocolate bar. It is the juggling of the s'more ingredients that leads to the careless waving of sharp sticks.


❤Yisin said...

remind me of me accidently poked my friend during a BBQ last month.. luckily not too hurts :(

yes.. we need to be caution!

nice painting :D

Diana said...

This is really cute, and funny too! It reminds me of being a Brownie as a little girl. One time we were Christmas Caroling and one of the girl's pony tail caught on fire from a candle another girl held behind her!

APRiL said...

love them!

Mary Ann said...

I have many fond memories of marshmallow toasting, with my family as a girl, at Girl Scout camp, and with my own kids. What is it about marshmallows??

Love the finished artwork, but I gotta say, I love the quick watercolor sketch even more!