Catching Up

Don't know why I've been away from blogging for so long. Here's what I've been up to....

Everyone started back at school this week and it is strange to just be eating the first few tomatoes from the garden. More than a month late because of the cool weather. I'm wondering if I will have to learn how to make fried green tomatoes or if the weather will hold out long enough to ripen the plentiful supply that is still green on the vines.

I've finished Ellie's little playhouse, but I wasn't going to post until I sew the family and the bed. Her choice is black and white dogs for the family of critters. I was excited the morning I finished it that she stepped away from computer games and played with it for hours (with other miniatures she already had.)

We went to see "Harry Potter: The Exhibition" at The Museum of Science and Industry. Even though Ellie and I are not the enthusiasts that Maya and Darrin and I are, we enjoyed it very much. Of course there was no photography allowed inside the exhibit, but the Weasley's flying car was out by the very long line where we bought tickets.

We watched the Chicago Air Show from a 48th floor high-rise apartment. Very cool! I always thought I would live in the city for a couple years of my life. At this point, I guess that is not happening. I'm still thinking that once Maya and Ellie get older I may look for a job in the city. Don't know how long I could handle commuting after many years of convenience, but it could be interesting for a while.

When we got home from our very long day in the city, I opened up the mailbox to find my first acceptance letter from a juried art show. This piece, "Snow" will be hanging at the 66th Annual South Shore Arts Salon Show. It's about time I start putting together my resumé, as now I have more than 3 shows to add to my list of accomplishments.

My cousin Laura's comment from my first post about broccoli informed me that it is still edible after it flowers. We're having fun eating broccoli flowers. The flavor is still very good. I thought it would be bitter, but it's very mild. I'm thinking about making cream of broccoli soup because wouldn't these little flowers make a beautiful garnish on top?

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❤Yisin said...

cant wait for the little playhouse post! ^^ must be very cute!

i think in the future i want to make a playhouse for my kids too!

you inspire me! :D