Bunnies Find a Home

Truth be told, it was never a dog house. Pookie (the dog) was anxious to model it and I was anxious to share - before the bunnies were created.

A friend asked me if I had any sort of pattern for the house. I am happy to say "no". I am the architect, builder, interior designer and creator of little creatures. I even knitted the blanket on super small knitting needles. This is what I lay awake in bed at night and think about. I am planning on improving the process with the next little playhouse.


Annie said...

This is the cutest thing ever. I love it x 1,000,000!

Anonymous said...

I WISH I were 7 years old again! How ADORABLE Patti! It's been fun to watch as you add something new to your Wee Ones collection...so what's next? (or is that a trade secret?)

APRiL said...

AHHHH! they are SO cute! I love them!

Sue said...

Patti - when are you going to open
up your bakery/toy shop? These are
so cute, you could sell them like