Make it Sweet! Part II

One of my favorite things to do to celebrate Valentine's Day–strawberries dipped in chocolate. Mmmmmmmmm.


Amy said...

Ah, knotted thread under fabric on your sewing machine. Well, Patti, that means the thread was not in the tension discs on top. As far as breaking thread, use good thread-not cheap mall-wort stuff. You wouldn't think of using dime store paints, brushes, and crummy paper to work up one of your masterpieces, would you? Anyway, when you come up to visit this spring, we'll make a same day appointment and give your machine the complimentary tune up. Love the new painting efforts. We're going to Ripon this Friday. We'll be sure to toast the Davis family when we skate on the old Mill Pond!


Heather said...

Hi there...love the strawberries and chocolate. As for us, here, we had a bit of the flu, so not many sweets, but looking at your picture makes it all better. Thanks.:)