Winter Paintings

8x10 - mixed media
It would take more than a thousands words to try and describe this new body of work. I've already spent too much time editing my rambling about these new paintings. I suppose I could just say I am exploring materials and techniques and leave it at that. While I edit my words, I would like to post every painting because oftentimes my work feel strange and uncomfortable to me, but other people respond to it differently than I would expect.


Sue said...

Hi Patti -
This painting exudes a
mystical beauty!
Keep up the wonderful work -
--Mary Sue

Steve said...

Hi Patti -

I'm really impressed with where you work is going - some really great images!


Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

That painting is gorgeous. When my husband has finished his Ph.D. and we are more settled, I'm definitely going to buy some of your work, Patti! (Of course, I also enjoy what I already have. :))