Not Lousiana, Paris France, New York, or Rome

Yes. I am still here. I am reluctant to post without art, or at least a photo. And that hasn't been happening lately. Just got back from our second Gary Railcats game this season. It's really a lot of fun. The girls love it. Railcats won! And the added bonus of fireworks tonight. Also, a moment of silence in honor of Michael Jackson along with lots of music and video clips of Michael. I have never lived anywhere else but Northwest Indiana and it feels very strange to try to describe my global position with these references. To this day I can hardly say "Gary, Indiana" without conjuring up the image of a very small Ron Howard belting it out with a lisp along with the tune getting stuck in my head. For that was my first concept of Gary, Indiana. Driving to and arriving at the ball park is a bit surreal and I wonder what it is like to see it through the eyes of a 7 year old and 11 year old?

I wonder where all my time has gone lately.? Not so much as a small doodle to post. Two evenings this week were spent at the pee-wee ball field, as I find the "8 and under" girls' softball games a lovely way to connect with my little community. Never been much of a sports fan and now I've spent about 10 hours this week as a spectator of the "Great American Past-time."

And a whole big whopping 36-1/4 hours at the office. Almost full time this week. (Technically I think over 35 hours is full-time.) Kudos to any full-time working mom. I don't know how you do it?! And, I must say I am in complete awe of the full-time working single mom because I only worked 36 hours this week since my teacher-husband is on summer vacation.

Also, I would like to add that in my effort to "Circle Everything" I am not presently focused, balanced or rolling with it at this time. That is just a lofty goal that at some point in my life I would like to achieve.

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