Todays Harvest: 3 green beans and one sugar snap pea pod. Plenty of lettuce growing in 2 clay pots among my flowers.

I am barely home, but I find a few moments each day to walk around the whole yard and garden to see how things are growing. You can see the lettuce in the lower right hand corner of this picture.

I was thrilled that this evening, finally, I did not have to go anywhere. I've never been more happy to be able to fold laundry. Only halfway through my laundry, I found myself heading out the door after Maya informed me her dress was too short for her band concert tomorrow night. She honestly had nothing else to wear. It's not a matter of dress code or a particularly short dress that we initially bought. It was the realization (after having been mentioned by the band director) that they will be sitting on a stage and the view from the audience could be quite revealing. I felt it was the only thing I could do to put her at ease. Ear infections in both ears and anxiety over her first performance is causing physical and emotional pain. She refuses energy healing from her own mother. The best I could do was buy her a new dress.

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