Feeling Nostalgic

Here is the dress I made for Ellie a couple of weeks ago. [Editor's note: I switched out the photo because it was hard to see the dress in the other photo.] We were at the fabric store last month, and while I usually have to tell Ellie we are sticking to the list and not buying extras - she didn't even notice this fabric. I very excitedly told her "we have to buy this!" Why? Because it reminded me of when I was a kid 30 years ago. The fabric is gathered with elastic and sold by the inch. You buy as much as you need to fit around your torso and sew up one seam. I feel like I can hardly say I sewed it. I did cut some fabric off the bottom to make straps and if you make a dress, rather than a tube top, you will have to sew a hem, too. We embellished it with a couple of buttons from the button box. And here I am circa 1979.

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Anonymous said...

I love this picture! It shows all the joy you held in your heart then, and knowing you, all the joy you still hold and pass on to those around you! I'm so happy to know you Patti