I woke up very early this morning. 6:00am. Lingered in bed until 7:30. From my bed, I walked straight to the patio to greet this beautiful day. My hanging baskets and pots needed water. I proceeded to pick a few weeds. I found a toad and held him captive in this flower pot. But, he escaped before I could show him to Ellie. It's nearly 9:00am and the girls are still sleeping. The first Saturday of summer vacation.

Our first harvest of the year. By far the best strawberry I ever tasted. I had to throw one away (the one in the top of this photo). When I turned the corner to check the garden, a small bunny darted off. I think he had just taken a bite out of the strawberry. Every time I see a rabbit in the garden, I think of Beatrix Potter. As much as I love bunnies, I feel like I could be Mr. McGregor waving a hoe over my head and there could be a whole family of rabbits hidden close by having a conversation about me and my garden.

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