Saturday was full of sprouts, roots and creepy crawly things. I guess I could add to my list of favorite things to do - digging in the dirt. I turned my little veggie garden by hand and moved some lilies and hostas to the back of the yard. Both Maya and Ellie wanted to share in my enthusiasm and each transplanted a couple of things themselves. Ellie did not want to hold any worms in her hands as she used to when she was two years old. We all took a little time to watch all the creepy critters for a while. I saw some of the biggest grubs and night-crawlers I have ever seen. I'm guessing big worms will be good for my garden. Big grubs will probably eat my lawn and attract more moles.

Again I was going to paint this in watercolor, but decided to digitally play around with a small sketch from my sketchbook.

As for TV Turnoff week...
I could say it was completely effortless. I probably benefited most of all. I don't watch much TV, but I usually turn it on to unwind right at bedtime. Reading is really a better option for that. And I think the girls have forgiven us for forgetting to tape "Dancin' with the Stars". They are sad that they missed the big group dance and last week the stars were supposed to design the costumes. One week later - does it really matter?

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Heather said...

We had a turn of the t.v. week, too! I knew I could feel a kindred spirit out there somewhere, helping me through.:)

And, not to make anything more difficult for you, but there is always the internet there to pick up the slack with missed episodes.

aaack! I know...I shouldn't have put that out there.:)