Happy Birthday Rosey!

The fairies that visit Maya and Ellie are named Lilly and Rosey. Today is Rosey's birthday! Ellie has been waiting for months to do something special for a fairy birthday, since her American Girl "Tiny Treasures" book is full of miniature projects that we can make out of stuff we have around the house.

What a beautiful celebration it will be
when the fairies visit the fairy garden tonight!

To give you an idea of the scale - the plates are buttons, the cups are Perler beads, and the candles are short snipped pieces of plastic coated electrical wire. The tablecloths are tissue paper. The streamers are curling ribbon, but I split them lengthwise to make them narrower. The cake is cut from an everyday household sponge (the size of a quarter). The directions say to paint it with white acrylic paint, but I used gesso because it's thicker and looks creamier. Ellie made the banner and hats (and pies, of course) all by herself and wrote a beautiful letter.


Chickengirl said...

I'm such a sucker for all things miniature. This is so adorable..ahhhh! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Rosey!
Love, Paloma, Ione and Sarah