Unbalanced, but Graceful

I've been thinking of making a mobile for some time now.

This past week, I realized it would be a great exercise for my Women's Circle. I am the only "artist" (in title only) of the bunch. My friends love when I lead them through a creative project. And I love drawing out the creative side from those who struggle to do so. We gather to expand and grow spiritually, and of course I feel creativity is the best way to connect with Spirit.

Initially I thought we could create symbols of the aspects of our lives we strive to keep in balance: mind, body, spirit; family, career, health, prosperity; etc. I may still explore that option, but I found a downloadable pattern on the Web for this paper mobile I created today.

"This paper mobile hangs
gracefully and the components
slowly change their orientations
as gentle wind currents flow
around any room."

Beginning from the bottom and working upward, it is necessary to find the center of balance of the smallest piece, (by balancing it on your finger) then attach to the next larger. Starting small and building up, again find the center of balance of the connected pieces and add on.

So here is a symbolic reminder to keep in my conscious mind. Find the center of balance. Start small. Build up. Move gracefully. Slowly. Always changing orientation. Gentle currents. Flow.

And in actuality I'm uncertain if it is not quite balanced or just a little flimsy? Symbolic of myself? Perhaps a little too flexible, to the point of looking a little saggy and weary. I will begin again, with posterboard (or heavy cardstock) as recommended rather than a lighter-weight cardstock. In spite of all that, it's still beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

We would love to!!! At least I would...you amaze me, and artist you are, no doubt about it.