A Thousand Words

I've painted mostly in silence the past two days. While I paint, my head is full of conversation. I'd like to quiet my thoughts, but it is as if I am describing what it all means to someone else and at the same time I become more conscious of where my abstract thoughts come from, why I have them, and why I need to manifest them into something to be shared.

I need to start writing these thoughts out often, as they will be incorporated into my artist statement. The most recent thoughts that come to mind are the words "dormant" and "deciduous." Even though I know the meanings of words, looking up the formal definition always gives me more insight. Deciduous is defined as "falling off at maturity." Dormant is defined as "alive but not actively growing."

I am learning to trust my intuition. I have many ideas for paintings that I do not understand. It is not until after I paint that I realize the spiritual context of my own work.

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