Eliminating Distractions

The first painting on wood is almost done. I've transfered 3 drawings on wood and 3 on canvas. Filling in the negative space with flat color is as meditative as painting mandalas. I did not capture the color of a sunset as well as I had hoped. This photo seems to be a bit more interesting than the painting itself.

I was well focused today. I began painting soon after the girls walked out the door this morning. I was determined to complete this piece from start to finish today. When Ellie came home we had lunch and I was right back to work. Finally a gorgeous day in the Chicagoland area (70˚). I coaxed the girls outside and I took my painting to the patio.

Proud to be focused, but I'm feeling a bit like I've neglected my children. I tried to ignore their complaints of boredom and bickering. They found a kite and soon after they left with it, Ellie came back in tears. She wasn't get enough kite time, or as she said "Maya will never give me a turn!"

I couldn't stop painting. I had barely mixed enough of this crazy orange color. The sun and wind was drying out the paint. Cleaning my brush once or setting it in water would deplete my supply. 

Maya returned with the kite. Ellie had gone in the house, crying. I kept painting. I asked Maya to take Ellie out with the kite. It was tangled. I  couldn't help. I kept painting. Ellie had changed her mind repeatedly about flying the kite, then decided to stay in the house. They both complained about being hungry. I didn't feed them. They are capable of finding food. I told them so and reminded them it had to be healthy. Ellie pinched her finger in the door. She had to get her own band-aid. I realized she had cried for at least 4 different reasons. I kept painting. It bothers me that this seems to be the only way I could get anything done. The other option, which is my usual routine, I pace around the house or sit idly waiting for the next interruption or distraction.

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Lou Who said...

Nobody starved or ended up in the hospital. Sometimes you just need to keep painting. I wish I had realized that earlier.

And I love the painting. One day I'm going to commission you.