I've painted more in the past two weeks than I have since I began painting. I am preparing for my third, and biggest show in July. Three canvases shown in progress are near completion and I've toned down the crazy orange color on wood (see April 16 post). The bright orange with transparent lighter yellow color does glow and has an interesting sense of light.

Farther ahead than I had even hoped at this point, I feel as though I am racing nature. Spring is finally here and so much is blooming around me. I am motivated to get out of this theme of deciduous trees in their dormant stage.

We all experience times in our lives when we don't feel we are actively growing, or maybe it appears as nothing is happening. I've made reference before about trees symbolizing the human spirit [Rooted in the earth and reaching to the Divine Source]. The realization of the symbolism of sometimes being dormant has been recent.

The timing of this body of work has been ironic. The sights, smells, and warmth of spring are begging me to paint new life. At the same time, I am actively producing - no longer dormant.

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MACO said...

I like this series so much. :)