Power Down. Dream Big.

National TV TurnOff Week 2008
April 21-27

I've visited the National TV Turnoff website a few times lately to get the dates for this year. They sure do need a little help with web design. If I knew how, I would volunteer my services. Yes, I feel very strongly about this issue.

The website is looking a lot better since last year, but the info posted is not very well organized and lots of dead end click-throughs with no info. A few weeks ago it looked as though the theme this year was "Power Down. Dream Big." I thought that was cool, but now I don't see that posted on the site.

My point being - don't expect the website to inspire you to turn off your TV for a week. Just do it! It's not easy, but it really is a great experience. Next week I will post stories and hopefully inspiration. I've tried to convince people to get on this bandwagon, but so far maybe only 'becca has done it. Right now I am thinking 'becca might not even have a TV. That would be even better than not turning it on for a week.

I'm really not campaigning against TV altogether, but if the idea of not watching TV for a whole week sounds absolutely preposterous to you, than maybe you should seriously consider why it is you can't stop?


Anonymous said...

CI love this watercolor!!
What is the lettering in the corner?

'becca said...

yeah, if i buy a tv during tv turn off week, is that twice as bad? :)

by the way - i totally see a li'l piggy in your painting.

Lou Who said...

This is now one of my favorite paintings, Patti.

And I see a hedgehog instead of a pig, becca ;)