A Beautiful Saturday

This morning I walked to the Farmer's Market downtown - something I've been wanting to do for a long time. It was a brisk 20 minutes there and another brisk 20 minutes back as Eleanor peddled her little legs furiously on her tiny two-wheeler.

Dorie had already suggested maybe I could bring bruschetta to our Women's Wisdom Circle tonight. How perfect! I was able to buy the ingredients I needed. And, no better place for locally grown farm fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and gourmet bakery bread.

I also felt like baking a sweet treat and realized I had everything in the house to make these simple, but elegant looking Fudge Brownie Cups. After having walked to the market, I did not want to get in my car and drive to buy one or two other ingredients.

Many people describe me as being "so Martha Stewart" and "such a hippie". (While I am not offended by either of those comparisons, I don't feel either of them is meant as a compliment) I found it confusing to be compared to both Martha and a hippie, but I guess today is a perfect example of how that can be.

peace. It's a good thing.


Michael Rigg said...

I have always thought of you as a "hippie" in only the most endearing way. To further remove the negative connotation, allow me this aside: I deeply and strongly admire your commitment to health and family. You are more in touch with your own spirit than most ("die hard") Christians I know. The depth of your wisdom, and the lengths at which you go to preserve harmony at home, at work, and in your art -- your "evolving oneness" if you will -- has always been something of a point of awe for me. That's what *I'm* saying every time I say "hippie." (It's just shorter and easer to say than all that). :-)

Patti said...

I don't mind when YOU call me a hippie, it's become almost a nickname, a term of "endearment", but I do wonder sometimes what people think a hippie is or a hippie does. I jokingly call myself a tree-hugger, but that too can be misconstrued. It can describe someone who respects and shows concern for the environment or when some people say "tree-hugger" they really mean to say that someone is just a little kooky.
peace, man.