Visitors - Illustration Friday

I just added some black line. When I logged on to add my revision, I noticed a compliment I received about the "delicate work." Ironic. Perhaps I shouldn't have touched it. It was sort of difficult to draw a smooth line on rough cold press watercolor paper. And it felt a little backward. I'm assuming illustrators typically draw a clean black line, then add a watercolor wash?
This is all a learning experience for me.

My first Illustration Friday. Actually, my first attempt at illustrating anything. I am not satisfied, but I did not spend too much time on this ... so not too bad? I know I could use some darker darks, but it's missing something else, too. I don't know what? IF is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and now I've started. Looking forward to next week's topic.

When I showed it to Eleanor she said "There were three bunnies in our garden?" I said "Actually, there are five bunnies in this picture, but I didn't see any bunnies. I just painted our garden and added the bunnies in myself." The best part of creating art!


Diane Duda said...

Not bad? I think it's quite lovely.


Paola said...

I do love your first illustration!
It's moving for me, you know, this week our bunny passed away and I really miss looking at him playing and jumping around the garden, hiding amongst the plants like the bunnies in your illo.
Thanks, it's very special :)

arvindh said...

great first! Like the delicate work!

zari.ZHM said...

Welcome to IF...so glad to have you here!
Not bad u say?...this is awsome...i love it...so cute and lovely!...hope to see your next post ;)

Anonymous said...

Patti. It was good seeing you at the park today. This blog is wonderful. I like looking at pictures (with a little text) this is perfect. You are so good at everything you do. I think you have everything in good balance. Keep up the good work!!!!

rawini said...

Yerp! I agree-- you draw the garden and just add in the bunnies thats the best thing! Creative! :D Lovely artwork.

irisz said...

I love the black outlines on it! great!