Forgiveness . 36x36 . acrylic


Michael Rigg said...

I find it extremely hard to believe "Forgiveness" was rejected. But I like your 'punny' response. Way to dole out the PUNishment.

Okay. No more. I promise.

I love this painting, Patty. I don't know what it is that sets it apart for me, but there is a reverberation there I can't put my finger on. Quite beautiful. Thanks for sharing your work online. I'm a fan.... But, of course, you knew that.

Frank E. Donor said...

Well, doesn't it all begin with the ability to forgive ourselves? hen it is easier to forgive others. I too can use the word "love" in response to how I feel about a painting. However, my opinion in this case is better summed up by saying "Wow, far out! Great color choices blending nicely with the movement. A nice day to paint in northern Michigan today. Please forgive me though if I enjoy a kielbasa sausage (boiled in beer, the grilled) for lunch, before I start painting.

OK, so I rode my bike to the grocery store instead of drove this morning. A nice balance.