The Birth of a Blog


Mary P said...

Amen, Patti! How wonderful to have a place to meet about some of the most important topics on earth: motherhood, art, running and cooking! God bless your family always. Love & peace to you and yours, Mary

Geninne said...

Welcome to the blogging world Patti!
I look forward to seeing what you share :)
Thanks for the kind, kind words. Input like yours is what inspires me to keep on sharing what I do, I'm deeply thankful.
Blog on sister!

Michael Rigg said...

Patti! You rock!! This is so awesome, and a great way to show your beautiful work to the world. I'm a new loyal subscriber to your world and can't wait for more insights!

'becca said...

welcome to the blogging world! now i can stalk your blog, too. yay!