Connecting with Peace

September 21 is The International Day of Peace. (Click to visit their site.)

For the past 3 years I thought I would do something really special on this day. So far, I have not.

This year I will at least make pinwheels with my daughters and put them in my yard. Next year, perhaps I could organize an event for my whole town where everyone could make a pinwheel and we could all put them in Main Square. Imagine.... whirled peace. (click on pinwheels to see the official site)

I will wake up at 6 am and meditate. If anyone would like to collectively meditate, I'm in the Central time zone.

How about a moment of silence at noon as well.



'becca said...

i absolutely love the idea of whirled peace. i also love the idea of laying down in a park that's sprouted pinwheels all over the place.

Michael Rigg said...

Absolutely! I'm in too! You should totally do that, P.T.!

April said...

Love it!
Check this site out, i think you'll really like it http://www.rebeccahahn.com